Unlock the Potential: Migrate Your Oracle Databases to the Cloud

Steven Kaplan
Steven Kaplan
March 1, 2024
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Unlock the Potential: Migrate Your Oracle Databases to the Cloud

While many Oracle enterprise customers consider transitioning from Oracle databases to alternatives like Microsoft SQL or open-source options such as PostgreSQL or MySQL, they often remain hesitant. The reluctance largely stems from Oracle’s superior scalability, performance, and resilience. However, migrating these databases to the cloud can offer immediate cost reductions, access to innovative cloud resources, and a robust platform suitable for future database transitions.  

Exploring the Why: Leveraging Oracle in the Cloud for Enterprise Data Modernization

In a recent Forbes Council article, I omitted an in-depth discussion of the ‘why’ behind migrating legacy databases to the cloud. David Linthicum, an esteemed enterprise technology analyst, highlighted in March 2023,...the industry’s pivot to cloud-focused innovations has rendered traditional platforms obsolete. Essentially, it has become a forced march to the cloud."

Take Tessell, for example. We’ve introduced the revolutionary capability to transport RMAN backups stored as immutable blog storage utilizing Azure Blob Storage, enabling unprecedented flexibility in ransomware protection. For more information, Tessell’s latest ebook, “Zero Data Loss Protection for Oracle on Azure”, provides a comprehensive overview. 

Beyond innovation access, Oracle customers moving to the cloud gain enhanced security, resiliency, data management, performance, and cost savings.

Strengthening Security

Cloud environments typically surpass the security of on-premises setups. Tessell adds another layer by automatically updating Oracle database patches, including minor version upgrades and security patches, with options for scheduled or one-click updates.

Tessell’s automated data masking obscures data as it transfers from production environments to secondary environments such as UAT or Test/Dev, vital since many breaches occur in such spaces. Additionally, integration with Azure and AWS HSMs (Hardware Security Module) within Tessell DBaaS enhances encryption key management and data security.

Boosting Resiliency

Tessell’s automated database snapshots and transaction log backups ensure a zero data loss setup. These can be converted into native Oracle RMAN backups for long-term storage and compliance needs. In emergencies or for specific business needs, one-click recovery options provide rapid restoration to the last committed transaction or perform a point-in-time recovery.

Furthermore, Tessell’s Multi-Availability Zone (AZ) high availability (HA) and cross-region DR services ensure continuous operation of critical databases. They boast an impressive seven-nines availability for the DB service.

Advancing Data Management

With Tessell, users enjoy advanced data management features, enabling an array of data formats including snapshots, native backups, database dumps, and sanitized copies. Tessell’s data access policies facilitate secure sharing across environments and support bring-your-own-X (BYOX) architecture, preventing lock-ins with specific cloud data services. .

Realizing Cost Savings

Efficiency with Tessell comes in various forms, such as improved performance, database consolidation, and savings on third-party software and administration costs


Tessell harnesses the power of public cloud NVMe storage, delivering significantly superior Oracle performance without IOPS metering. Benchmarking tests revealed Tessell achieving tenfold higher IOPS than AWS RDS. 

Data Consolidation

Tessell optimizes Oracle database hosting by enabling efficient database consolidation. It allows for hosting multiple Oracle databases on a singular cloud server, slashing the need for multiple physical servers and, in turn, the costs associated with them. Tessell’s resource and license optimization ensures you’re getting the most out of your database investments. Streamlined management processes from Tessell boos operational efficiency, driving yet still more savings.

Third-Party Software

Cost reduction is further achieved as Tessell negates the need for third-party backup and data masking software. These essential functionalities are integrated within Tessell, eluding the extra expenses that come with supplementary software.

Database Administration

With Tessell’s "shift left" approach to database administration, routine management tasks can be performed by lower-cost administrative task. Not only does this strategy cut costs by allocating tasks to more economical resources, but it also liberates your seasoned experts to pivot their focus toward strategic, high-value projects.

The Future of Enterprise Data Management

In a world where digital transformation is paramount, and data is the currency for innovation and growth, cloud-based Oracle databases are transforming the enterprise data management landscape. The inherent scalability, flexibility, and cost savings of this platform place organizations in a prime position to capitalize on technological developments and thrive in the digital age.

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