What is it like running MySQL on Tessell?

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Deploy fully-managed MySQL databases on both standard and high-performance cloud infrastructure. Achieve up to 2 million IOPS at a fixed and fractional cost.

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Set up HA/DR and read replicas for your mission-critical databases across availability zones, regions, and clouds.

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Achieve zero data loss protection and point-in-time recovery with our Availability Machine. Support for native backups for longer-term retention, compliance, and to avoid cloud lock-in.

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Data management support for multi-tenant SaaS infrastructure.

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Tessell for MySQL

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Choose Your Desired Infrastructure

High Performance : Run your databases on high performance cloud infrastructure with locally attached NVMe storage. Achieve up to 2 million IOPS. Take cloud-native snapshots the same way you do for standard cloud storage. Stop/start the service any time without any loss of data. Enjoy utility consumption.

Standard : Elastic cloud storage for your standard workloads. Take cloud-native snapshots. Stop/start the service on demand for utility consumption.

We love the open source community!

  • Enjoy fully-supported community edition MySQL versions of your choice.

  • 24x7 support available.

  • Avail from any of the 3 popular engines.

  • On-demand read replicas.

  • On-demand instance (compute and storage) resizing.

Cross-region, Cross-cloud Data Protection

The Tessell Availability Machine provides zero data loss protection for both single-AZ and multi-AZ HA databases.

Easily set up disaster recovery sites to handle region and cloud failures. Perform DR drills on demand and achieve high fidelity BCP (Business Continuity Plan).

Tessell uses MySQL native and industry proven open source software to achieve both multi-AZ HA and cross-region/cloud DR

Enterprise-grade Data Governance. Consumer-grade Data Consumption.

  • Support for multi-tenant SaaS infrastructure - shared databases, shared instances, or dedicated instances. Ability to relocate tenant data.

  • Create and store all formats of data including snapshots, native backups, sanitized snapshots/backups, and database dumps (logical exports).

  • Create data access policies (DAP) to securely share data with secondary environments, such as UAT, QA, and Dev, spread across various regions.

  • No cloud lock-in. Download backups anytime in one click or create clones on demand.

Governance @ Your Terms

  • Data Plane: a) Customer-hosted, or b) Tessell-hosted.

  • Deploy databases in your own cloud infrastructure accounts. Secure them by bringing your own networks, keys, security policies, and identity providers.

  • Curate the cloud infrastrucutre as per your needs to provide a walled garden experience for the developers in your organization.

  • Customize the backup SLAs to store backups for longer term protection as per your compliance needs.

Benefits of MySQL on Tessell?


Did you size the database for peak workload expectations? Do you worry about ever changing IOPS requirements and the unpredictable cost of managing MySQL databases?


Do you have a HA/DR strategy and Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for your data infrastructure?


How do you share your data securely and elegantly across your secondary (lower) environments?


Do you have the database infrastructure support for your multi-tenant SaaS applications?


How do you manage your (native) backup compliance requirements?

Differentiated Infrastructure

NVMe storage for your data platform with up to 2 million IOPS. Fractional and fixed service cost. Durable cloud-native snapshots. Stop/start services and pay as you go.

Global Availability Machine

Multi-AZ deployments to provide high availability (HA). Fully-managed disaster recovery (DR) that offers cross-region, cross-cloud availability. Achieve bussiness continuity plan (BCP).

Delightful Management

Support for multi-tenant SaaS infra data management. Anonymize and securely share data with secondary environments. Browse and consume data in a self-service manner.

Community-driven. Scalable.

Fully-supported community edition. 24x7 support. Read replicas. On-demand resizing.

Enterprise-grade DBaaS, Consumer-grade Apps

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Quickly create a production-grade database on the cloud of your choice.

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Unparalleled performance with up to 2 million IOPS.

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Large capacity to suit your needs - up to 96 vCPUs, 768 GiB RAM, and 60 TB storage

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Multi-AZ highly available databases for business continuity.

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Advanced deployment options to fine tune the database parameters.

Provisioning - tessell
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My Services

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Manage all your services across regions and clouds at one place.

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Enjoy in-built advanced monitoring and logging, or integrate with observability tools such as Datadog.

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Create stop/start schedules tuned to your work calendar. Pay only when the service is up.

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Automatic failover for high availability. Manual switchover for DR drills.

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Easily scale up to handle spikes. Manage read replicas. Controlled sharing with colleagues.

My Services
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Availability Machine

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Cross-region, cross-cloud zero data loss protection. Point-in-time recoverability.

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Create all formats of data including snapshots, backups, sanitized snapshots/backups, database dumps.

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No lock-in. Create a transportable database native backup in one-click.

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Policy-driven, controlled, secure data sharing for secondary environments such as UAT, QA, Dev.

Availability Machine
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Netflix for enterprise data. Truly self-service like consumption.

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Browse and explore data based on region, time, sensitivity. Preview data without a live database.

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Download native backups on demand.

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Instantly clone snapshots/backups or import database dumps.

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Annotate data points, pin them, tag them, mark them as favorites.