AWS Tessell for Oracle

The most comprehensive DBaaS Plaform for Oracle on AWS
Migrate, modernize, and manage your Oracle databases with ease



  • Easily create databases in any AWS region

  • Choice of compute

    • High-performance (i4i, i3en)
    • Standard (r5, m5, t3)
  • Get 1 million+ IOPS for your mission-critical (Exadata-like) databases

provisioning tessell
  • Software maintenance is included as part of DBaaS

  • Both DB and OS patching are fully covered

  • Standby-First Patch Application (Near zero downtime for HA configurations)

solution patching
  • Guaranteed uptime - 99.99% SLA

  • Comprehensive monitoring metrics for database and operating system

  • View the top SQL queries for performance analysis and tuning

tessell monitoring
  • Automated snapshots to honor RPO SLA

  • Take manual snapshots any time

  • Convert cloud snapshots into RMAN backups

snapshot tessell
  • Multi-AZ HA

  • Cross-region DR

  • BCP compliance

  • Snapshot-based and point-in-time restore (PITR)

  • Zero data loss protection with the ability to recover to the last committed transaction

Restore tessell
  • Bring your script to create sanitized snapshots

  • Create clones via self-service

  • Manage Dev/QA/UAT environments at one place

solution cloning tessell

Seamlessly integrate with third-party software and services for observability, security/compliance, and data pipeline

oracle soln


Reduce costs, improve performance, enhance security and flexibility by migrating Oracle databases to AWS On-premises? Self-managed on Cloud? Cloud-native DBaaS? Our Oracle experts will help you migrate to Tessell

From On-Premises

  • Bring legacy infrastructure such as Exadata, SPARC, and more.

  • Reduce risk and cost by starting with a standby. Run dev/test in the cloud, and consume as a utility.

  • Simplify business continuity planning with this hybrid cloud setup, eventually paving the way for complete cloud migration.

on-premises tessell

From Self-Managed on Cloud

  • Reduce risk & cost by starting with a Disaster Recovery (DR) setup in AWS.

  • Run dev/test in the cloud, automate data masking, and reduce cost by creating stop/start schedules.

  • Get a fully-managed highly-available service for your databases.

Self Managed Tessell


  • Go from no visibility (total lock-in) to full visibility (no lock-in).

  • Customize images and deployments to meet your compliance.

  • Implement an Oracle-certified business continuity by leveraging the DB-native DataGuard technology.

Managed Dbaas - tessell


Bring your own license (BYOL), or Tessell can work with a third-party reseller to procure Oracle licenses for you. Optimize your Oracle license usage while staying compliant.

Right-Size Oracle Licenses

Tessell will perform a detailed analysis of the Oracle AWR reports identifying actual compute usage and designing the optimal AWS EC2 instance as per Oracle licensing guidelines.

Enforcement for Oracle License Quotas

Set thresholds for Oracle license usage and Tessell will not allow spawning of additional Oracle instances once the license limits are reached.

Compliance Reports for Oracle License Usage

Integrated reporting to show the entire Oracle Estate along with details of VMs, purpose, and licenses consumed per region, compute type, workload type, or department.



Enterprise-grade Support for OracleTessell will take the first call for support, diagnose the issue and expedite speedy resolution.

Choose either Enterprise Edition or Standard Edition Two based on your environment.Tessell supports all versions and patchsets that are supported by Oracle.

tessell support

Automated Upgrades

Tessell will help you upgrade your databases to the latest version so that you don't have to worry about end of support from Oracle

Three-way Support

In the event of a problem, Tessell works with the customers to explain the issue to Oracle Support and expedite a resolution

Guaranteed SLA

With mission-critical support, you get 99.99% uptime SLA for your database services, and a 15-minute response time SLA for Severity-1 tickets.

Deployment Architecture

Bring your own license (BYOL), orTessell can work with a third-party reseller to procure Oracle licenses for you. Optimize your Oracle license usage while staying compliant.

Data Plane @ Customer

The data plane resides in the customer’s AWS account. All the databases, snapshots, backups, transaction logs, monitoring metrics, and database logs are stored here.

Bring Your Own Network

Customers can choose to run databases on private networks. There’s no inbound connection from the control plane to the data plane. Only outbound calls to Tessell REST APIs over HTTPS are made from the data plane.

Secure Control Plane

The control plane is hosted on Tessell’s AWS account. Only the Tessell GUI and REST APIs are publicly accessible over HTTPS. Everything else runs on a private network. Tessell only keeps the metadata about the managed services here.

Single Sign-On

Securely authenticate your users via SSO (Okta, G-Suite, Active Directory). All clients, including the GUI, use REST APIs with revocable tokens.

Deployment Architecture aws

Security Architecture

Enterprise-grade Support for OracleTessell will take the first call for support, diagnose the issue and expedite speedy resolution.

Choose either Enterprise Edition or Standard Edition Two based on your environment. Tessell supports all versions and patchsets that are supported by Oracle.

Minimum Privileges

Tessell’s access to the data plane adheres to the least privilege model. Tessell restricts its operations to a specific VPC within a specific subscription and is unable to access (read, write, update, or delete) any resources that are not our own.

Operate Within Parameters

Within the workspace that you create for Tessell, you can confine Tessell to using the networks (BYON) and keys (BYOK) of your choice. Tessell can’t create, update or delete any network or key.

Security Architecture AWS

Use Cases

Fully managed Oracle DBaaS on AWS

Fully managed

IO hungry Oracle workloads on AWS


High Availability and Data Protection for Oracle on AWS


PaaS with Oracle DAM & OEM agent support

agent support

Compliance & Governance for Oracle workloads


Mission-critical Oracle migration to AWS



Accelerate Provisioning

Database self-service and seamless Terraform-compatible DevOps automation

Production Grade IOPS

Leverage NVMe-based AWS High Performance Compute (i4i, i3en) for production

Efficiently Take Cost Out

Cost-optimize VM shapes across development, test, UAT, and production

Flexible Data Networks

Use private-peering to move transactional data into analytic systems

Hybrid-Cloud Connectivity

Use VPN or dedicated Direct Connect for hybrid cloud connectivity

Sophisticated Security

Within your subscription, bring your network security groups

Storage Cost Mapping

Efficiently map IOPS requirements to io2 and gp3 storage

RBAC-Based Templates

Control cost with approved self-service compute and storage shapes for end-users

DevSecOps Automation

Use Tessell’s Terraform automation to orchestrate compute and storage across DevSecOps

Simplify Business Continuity

Improve business continuity managing disk images and database backups as a unit

Point-in-Time Backup

Create incremental snapshots, full snapshots or disk images

Durable Data Protection

Choose local or zone snapshot redundancy

Seamless Analytic Integration

Send transactional & unstructured data to S3 for Big Data analytics

Business Continuity & Retention

Use cost effective Amazon S3 to store petabytes of backups and enhanced business continuity

Storage Cost Optimization

Further reduce cost utilizing storage tiers for infrequently or rarely accessed data

Complete Observability

Observability up-and-down the entire technology stack


Automatically send DBaaS telemetry into Amazon CloudWatch

Federate Alerting & Ticketing

Integrate with ticketing and other ITSM systems

Enhanced Protection

Bring your FIPS 140-2 validated keeys to encrypt the data at rest

Industry Compliance

Restrict the geographies for keys so that your sensitive data never leaves the production boundary

Control Access

Seamless transition from development to production with RBAC for keys and secrets

Comprehensive Data Management

Pair with the Amazon Data Lakes and Warehouses to drive granular insights with high velocity and scale

Central Data Ecosystem

Integrate data transfomration with Amazon Redshift, Amazon Quicksight, Analytics and popular business intelligence frameworks

Global Data Governance

Curate data, process it with pertinent tools within Amazon Data Services and project the insights aligned with end users


What is the Tessell Availability Machine?

The Tessell Availability Machine protects your data by taking regular snapshots and transaction log backups. The Availability Machine utilizes Amazon EBS Snapshots and Amazon S3 for this purpose. Customers benefit from Amazon S3’s sixteen nines of durability combined with geo-replication. Additionally, you can optimize storage costs with tiered storage for your long-term data retention and compliance.

Is AWS Tessell for Oracle certified by Oracle?

Yes, Tessell leverages the AWS infrastructure, which is certified by Oracle. Tessell simply installs and configures Oracle databases on Amazon EC2 and manages them behind the scenes. Additionally Tessell supports licensed Oracle functionality including: container databases, native RMAN backups, Flashback, Automatic Storage Manager, Clone Refresh, Oracle Label Security, Transparent Data Encryption, Data Guard and Enterprise Manager.

Is AWS Tessell for Oracle certified by AWS?

Yes, Tessell is an AWS preferred solution in the AWS Marketplace  and AWS has certified Tessell DBaaS for Oracle. Tessell is an AWS-qualified software and is part of the AWS ISV-A  program.