Announcing Tessell for MongoDB

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November 29, 2023
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Announcing Tessell for MongoDB




the process or art of tessellating a surface, or the state of being tessellated.

an arrangement of shapes closely fitted together, especially of polygons in a repeated pattern without gaps or overlapping.

The idea behind Tessell is a beautiful one: take a complex topic like database management and break it down in a way that provides a beautiful result. Simply put, let’s do database management better, and let’s do it at your terms. Tessell’s mission is to be the de facto standard for database management, regardless of what database engine you are using and regardless of what cloud your data exists on. We began this quest focused on relational databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.

Today, Tessell is entering the world of NoSQL database management, and we are proud to announce the addition of MongoDB Community Edition to the lineup of Tessell-supported database engines. Customers worldwide can now easily deploy MongoDB instances via the Tessell platform to take advantage of the scalability, reliability, and agility of a managed solution to drive application development and shape business strategies.

MongoDB is by far the most widely used document database, and it makes perfect sense to give customers the ability to choose how they deploy and consume MongoDB. Tessell will provide customers with the benefits that they know and love, such as running their applications anywhere, scaling operations confidently, and reducing architectural complexity so that they can focus on shipping applications instead of managing the database that their apps run on. 

With the MongoDB service offering from Tessell, users can run a fully managed MongoDB Server inside a fully managed virtual machine on the supported public clouds. Tessell will create the MongoDB databases in the customer’s cloud account (BYOA), which is available as part of the Virtual Private Tessell (VPT) @ Customer deployment option. Tessell takes care of managing the underlying infrastructure (Virtual Machines, Storage, Networking). Tessell also manages the Day 0 (Provisioning) tasks as well as the Day N tasks of database management (backups, point-in-time restores (PITR) via Dataflix, minor version patching, DB upgrades, and monitoring) and lets users focus on the requirements of their business. Best of all, this all takes place within a customer’s cloud account, providing increased security, compliance, and performance, with the data plane living right next to the customer’s applications. 

We’re really excited to share these new capabilities with you. If you’d like to learn more about how you can try this yourself, you can sign up for early access here.

MongoDB is a registered trademark of MongoDB, Inc.

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