Fully Managed Oracle Database Service on Azure with Tessell

Rajesh Krishnia
Rajesh Krishnia
March 5, 2023
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Fully Managed Oracle Database Service on Azure with Tessell


Microsoft and Oracle have long worked together to help enterprise customers build their business-critical technology stacks. Most Fortune 2000 companies rely on Microsoft as a key strategic partner because of Microsoft's specialized offerings in the areas of security, infrastructure, data/AI, and modernizing business applications. Most of these enterprises run their mission-critical applications, COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) applications, or custom applications on Oracle Databases for their market-leading performance, scalability, reliability, and security.

Over the past couple of decades, enterprises have been looking to modernize their apps and data estates as part of their digital transformation journeys. Many such enterprises with large amounts of data in Oracle databases use Microsoft Azure as their cloud platform of choice. According to Gartner, Oracle Databases and Related Products accounted for $18 billion in 2021 with the majority of revenue coming from on-premises deployments.

Enterprises frequently migrate their Oracle databases to Azure as part of their database modernization initiative. The objective is to enable higher productivity across the organization and a corresponding ability to focus on new ideas. But self-managing Oracle databases on Azure leaves enterprises facing requirements such as patching, provisioning, configuring, availability, OS management, and backups. These daily operational tasks combine with a silo data management experience that is far from seamless, that undermines productivity, and limits the resources available for innovation.

Challenges of self-managing databases

The lack of a fully-managed service for Oracle on Azure is a key roadblock in the modernization journey. Tessell remedies this challenge by providing a fully-managed database service for Oracle and other database engines on Azure.

Tessell for Azure

Tessell makes deploying Oracle databases on Azure extremely simple, elegant, and hassle-free. Tessell for Oracle is a fully managed database-as-a-service (DBaaS) for Azure that handles your data infrastructure and data management needs whether you're running Oracle Enterprise Edition or Oracle Standard Edition 2.

Tessell provides a comprehensive suite of in-built apps for data management. And because Tessell automates the daily manual and monotonous database tasks, developers and data engineers can focus on driving business success.

Let's see how Tessell delivers an end-to-end fully managed database service.

Unlimited Performance

In addition to the standard Azure infrastructure (Azure VMs and premium disks), Tessell can run your Oracle databases on high-performance Azure compute infrastructure such as Lsv3, delivering up to 1 million IOPS at low latency. One of Tessell's major strengths is its utilization of high-performance compute on Azure to support mission-critical database instances with more than 1 million IOPS and low latency. Tessell leverages the benefit of directly attached NVMe storage to meet the most demanding database workloads with ease, even the massive workloads that today run on engineered systems like Exadata on-premises. With an in-built (repeatable and verifiable) benchmarking app, you have the flexibility to benchmark the platform with the load that is expected from your application.

Enterprises can now power their applications with Tessell to deploy their mission-critical Oracle database workloads on the Azure cloud infrastructure.

Easy Backup & Recovery

Tessell has achieved enterprise-grade data protection and data availability for Oracle databases on Azure. With regular automated snapshots and log backups, Tessell's Availability Machine ensures a zero data loss infrastructure. Customers can also convert cloud snapshots into native Oracle RMAN backups for long-term storage and compliance, and to avoid being locked into the cloud.

In the event of an incident or an urgent business requirement, DBAs can use 1-click recovery to recover their database up to the last committed transaction (maximum), perform a point-in-time recovery, or recover a snapshot of the database. With so many options for backup and recovery at your disposal, your data will never run the risk of being lost or untraceable.


Patching was never easier! Patches for minor version upgrades are applied automatically. Based on your preference of the patch version to apply, you can either schedule patching or run on-demand patching with a single click.

Multi-AZ High Availability (HA) and Cross-Region Disaster Recovery (DR)

A key differentiation that sets Tessell apart is the out-of-the-box Multi-Availability Zone (AZ) HA and cross-region DR services. Since Oracle workloads are mission-critical and need reliable HA and DR, the Multi-AZ HA and cross-region DR are key to achieving business continuity plan (BCP) for mission-critical databases. Tessell delivers seven nines availability for your DB service (the way you enjoy it today in current on-premises deployments).

Delightful Data Management

Oracle DBAs are burdened with additional administration activities including masking, sanitization, and cloning data. With the Tessell Availability Machine, any user can, with just a few clicks, create and store all formats of data including snapshots, native backups, sanitized snapshots/backups, and database dumps (logical exports). Data access policies (DAP) enable the secure sharing of data with secondary environments such as UAT, QA, and dev spread across geographies.

Flexibility At Customers' Terms

While Tessell offers out-of-the-box features designed to meet enterprise requirements without customization, Tessell also is flexible. The DBaaS supports the bring-your-own-X (BYOX) architecture for the following types of services:

  • Bring your own cloud account (BYOA)
  • Bring your own network (BYON) and security settings
  • Bring your own keys (BYOK)
  • Bring your own identity providers (BYOI)
  • Bring your own software images (BYOS)
  • Bring your own licenses (BYOL)
  • Bring your own database parameters (BYOP)


Many cloud database deployments are brownfield and may need migrating databases to leverage the Tessell Service on Azure. Migration can be a tedious, time and resource-consuming exercise. Tessell has you covered. Whether your existing databases are on-premises, self-managed in the cloud, or you are using a managed cloud database service provider, Tessell owns and delivers complete Oracle migration support with in-house expertise.

Tessell-Azure partnership: IP co-sell incentive

Tessell co-sells with Microsoft. The mutual customers of both organizations access an advanced and innovative cloud database-as-a-service (DBaaS) platform, as well as the expertise and support of Microsoft's world-class sales and technical teams.  Whether you are looking to improve your cloud data infrastructure, optimize your data management processes, or accelerate your digital transformation journey, Tessell and Microsoft Azure provide an exceptionally compelling solution.

Read more - Tessell's DBaaS is Co-Sell Ready with Microsoft Azure

Tessell is the only fully-managed database service for Oracle on Azure. Tessell makes running even the most critical applications at scale on Azure seamless enabling you to focus on delivering application services that matter to your business.

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