Eliminate IOPS metering for cloud databases

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NVMe storage. Up to 2 million IOPS.

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Fractional & Fixed Cost

No more provisioned IOPS meter for your data infrastructure.

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Cloud-native snapshots. Stop/start without losing data.

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Made for Developers

Create databases at scale

unified control plane

Unified Control Plane

Manage databases across cloud providers.

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Multi-tenant Enabled

Manage the metadata for your multi-tenant SaaS infrastructure.

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Automate With Ease

Use GUI, API or Terraform. Secure with API keys.


Netflix For your Data

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Explore Contents

Browse your data catalog among several categories including time, sensitivity, regions.

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Instant On-Demand Access

Seamlessly clone, import, or download data in any format across multiple regions.

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Annotate Data Points

Preview data, compare stats, pin your favorite data points, and mark them with custom metadata.

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Availability Machine
Availability Machine

Availability Machine

unified control plane

Zero Data Loss

Protect your databases with continuous backup of transactional data and logs.

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Granular Data Exports

Create and store all kinds of data, including table and schema dumps, for developer environments.

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Collaborate With Ease

Policy-driven sharing of data with your fellow developers and colleagues.


Utility Consumption

Pay as You Go

With hourly metering, pay only for what you use.

Analyze Spend

No more Generate dashboards to view by cloud/region, database engine, user, workload (prod/dev). IOPS meter for your data infrastructure.


View granular metering for each service. Optimize the cost by comparing with utilization.