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Announcing Tessellator

Steven Kaplan
Steven Kaplan
August 3, 2023
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Announcing Tessellator

I started writing comic books about technology 25 years ago when I ran a Citrix Platinum Partner business. I sent my first comic book, RYNOMan and the MetaFrame Adventure, to the CEO of Citrix, Mark Templeton. He was out of the office and his Admin opened his mail. When he returned, she told him, "Now I finally understand what we do."

VirtualMan at VmWorld

Next up was the VirtualMan comic book series I wrote for my VMware partner business. VMware animated VirtualMan and brought him to life on the VMworld 2004 keynote screen with Jerry Chen providing the voice.

Today, I am very pleased to introduce the first adventure of our new comic superhero, The Tessellator, and her sidekick, AM (Auto-Mask) in The Tessellator Crushes Cloud Costs. The intention, as with my earlier comic books, is to help educate the reader about a new disruptive technology while hopefully providing some chuckles along the way. By the way, I wrote this well before I had heard of ChatGPT (you'll understand when you read the book).

Tessellator in the mirror

As a young company, Tessell is rapidly evolving. The Tessellator is rapidly evolving as well. Stay tuned for an upcoming redrawing of the book with more modern, edgier characters. And, I'm also working on the next edition, tentatively titled - Tessellator Waltzes Oracle Databases to Azure.

In the meantime catch up on the Tessellator's past adventures...

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