Announcing Tessell for Milvus

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November 27, 2023
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Announcing Tessell for Milvus

At Tessell, we’re building the most powerful data infrastructure platform in the world that enables teams of all sizes to run their favorite data services at scale. Databases are at the heart of every innovative company, from bleeding-edge startups to massive enterprises. The need to build, manage, and scale data infrastructure in the cloud is more important and complex than ever.

In the age of generative AI, companies are increasingly looking to put their data to work. Vector databases are becoming a core part of the generative AI stack, forcing operators and executives to consider where this fits in their existing digital transformation strategy and how they’ll maintain another production-scale database with their existing teams.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the availability of Milvus on the Tessell platform. With Tessell, you will be able to automate the enterprise readiness of your vector databases from day 1 and de-risk incorporating them into your most critical applications. 

Tessell now makes provisioning, scaling, and operations of all of your databases—relational, NoSQL, and vector—easy so that you can focus on building your models and integrating them into your stack without worrying about the reliability or availability of your data.

Tessell is the only DBaaS platform where, with a unified control plane, you can now manage your primary application data in SQL/NoSQL databases on Tessell and seamlessly integrate it with a vector database (Milvus) for your AI applications.

With enterprise-ready features and security like encryption at rest with your own keys, deploying into your choice of cloud on your terms, automatic backups and cloning, and integration into your internal SSO/SAML, Tessell bridges the gap between next-generation AI applications and your compliance policies.

Tessell not only makes managing the database itself easy, but it also lets you easily manage your collections in Milvus directly through Tessell, enabling you to manage your schema programmatically with an API or through Terraform with our provider.

Tessell on Tessell

So, what did we do with the Milvus at Tessell? We built our own ChatGPT on internal documents. As part of the roadmap, Tessell for Milvus will also have ingestion interfaces for various sources like HTML, PDF, DOCX, etc. This will allow users to easily ingest embeddings into the Milvus database and consume them with LLM apps.

Tessell already supports vector databases on the popular PostgreSQL with pgvector, and now, with this latest addition, Tessell for Milvus becomes a comprehensive vector database platform of choice.

We can't wait to see all of the great things that you'll build using Milvus on Tessell. If you’d like to be part of the excitement, sign up for early access here or reach us at to try out Tessell for Milvus today.

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