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Announcing Tessell Database Lifecycle Management (DBLM) for Exadata@Azure

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January 24, 2024
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Announcing Tessell Database Lifecycle Management (DBLM) for Exadata@Azure

The collaboration between Oracle and Microsoft to offer Exadata@Azure presents a significant opportunity for Oracle customers worldwide. This allows them to colocate their Exadata-hosted Oracle databases next to their applications and leverage Azure’s extensive range of services, including advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning tools. Tessell introduces Database Lifecycle Management (DBLM), a Microsoft Marketplace offering that includes a suite of services for improved efficiency and flexibility. 

Data Protection - Tessell Availability Machine

Tessell Availability Machine is a revolutionary data app designed for consumer-grade usability and simplicity in managing enterprise databases. This comprehensive solution provides data protection for Oracle without requiring the need for third-party backup software. Availability Machine includes:

  • Full Backup
  • Incremental Backup
  • Archival Log sweep on Azure Blob
  • RMAN Backups integrated with Azure Native Infrastructure
  • Ransomware Protection using Immutable Vault on Azure Blob

Data Consumption - Tessell Dataflix

Dataflix, another innovative data app by Tessell, makes consuming data as easy as streaming a movie. It includes features such as: 

  • Restore Oracle Databases to either Exadata@Azure or On-premises
  • Clone Oracle Databases from/to Exadata@Azure or Azure Native
  • PITR (Point in Time Recovery) or Time Series Recoverability for Oracle Databases


Tessell provides flexible patching solutions for both standalone and HA Oracle deployments, covering both database and OS patching, as well as version upgrades. Customers can schedule patching at their convenience including:

  • Golden Image Patching
  • Standby-First Patch Applied for HA Configurations

HA and DR

Tessell includes 1-click Multi-AZ HA and cross-region DR, allowing configurable RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective). DBLM enables automated read replicas for Oracle databases, along with automated failover and failback.

Tessell Airdrop Service

This innovative service facilitates seamless zero-downtime “lift and shine” migration of on-premises Oracle Exadata workloads to Exadata@Azure. The service includes automated assessment and discovery, right-sizing the Oracle workloads, guaranteed data compatibility, and compliance with industry regulations throughout the migration process.

DBLM Boosts Flexibility and Reduces Costs

DBLM encapsulates several capabilities to Exadata@Azure, enhancing agility including:

  • A single interface for backup and restore, cloning, patching, and HA/DR.
  • A single interface for downstream environment management (UAT/QA/Dev).
  • Streamlined management for OS and hosting patching and database version upgrades.
  • DR on Azure-native infrastructure at any Azure location.
  • Ransomware protection and immutable data protection on Azure-native infrastructure.
  • Integration with the Azure ecosystem for database modernization.

With automated database migration, decreased database management integrated backup & restore capability, and additional capabilities like HA/DR, Tessell ensures significant savings and a normalized experience for Exadata@Azure customers.

Tessell DBLM for Exadata is available on all Azure Regions and Availability Zones globally

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