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One of India's Fortune 200 core investment companies moved their innovation platform, to Tessell's DBaaS. This migration has resulted in needed stability and improved performance. Today, our compliance reporting times are meeting our internal SLAs, we are able to take-cost-out and automate database operations. Tessell has enabled the firm to focus on innovation and grow its core business.

The Challenge

This is across various areas of business: Commercial Finance, Consumer Loans, Wealth Services and distribution and marketing of credit cards. these mission-critical systems are at the hard of this firm's innovation platform:

  • Data growth created complexity, requiring continuous storage management, monitoring, evaluation, and upgrade of the storage sub-system.
  • Performance: The max infrastructure shapes IOPS provided by their cloud provider was limited 12k. AWS-IOPS based pricing was difficult to forecast and subsequently budget for.
  • Time to run month-end reports overflows into the next day’s operating hours, breaking internal service level agreements, and impacting customer satisfaction.

The Solution

The Solution: The financial services firm migrated production from RDS to Tessell’s DBaaS running on AWS high-performance compute infrastructure. Additionally, this firm was able to govern development and test infrastructure costs using cost-optimized infrastructure shape templates, exposed through self-service.

  • 200% faster month-end business reporting running on Tessell’s AWS HPC infrastructure. Removed the need to re-evaluate storage/performance every 15-30 days. Tessell supports this firm's growth for the next 3 years without having to re-platform.
  • Implemented cross-region DR post go live achieving regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Moved from proprietary backups to DB Native backups database exports &sanitized clones. Can replicate backups cross-region and duplicate for off-site storage satisfying regulatory compliance.  Moved from weekly manual to automated data masked & redacted UAT.