Extensions on Tessell for PostgreSQL

Dinesh Kumar
Dinesh Kumar
August 31, 2023
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Extensions on Tessell for PostgreSQL

Tessell for PostgreSQL comes with several extensions out of the box that enhance the capabilities of a PostgreSQL instance.

Not all extensions are necessary for every database. Each extension is tailored to a specific use case. For instance, if you need to create unique identifiers in PostgreSQL, you can use the "uuid-ossp" extension in your application queries after creating them. If you want to store key-value pairs, you can create the "hstore" extension, which does the job. Tessell for PostgreSQL only supports trusted extensions, which restricts access to the underlying OS from the database.

Extended Data Types

Tessell for PostgreSQL allows the use of the following data types, which provides more convenience to application developers.

Query Performance

Tessell for PostgreSQL allows the use of several extensions that provide additional index methods. These extensions allow users to create a different set of indexes on the data, which can significantly improve query performance.

Audit & Monitoring

Tessell for PostgreSQL comes with auditing and monitoring extensions built-in, ready to use out of the box. By using these auditing and monitoring extensions, users can easily keep track of database activity and performance. This helps identify and resolve issues before they become major problems.


Tessell for PostgreSQL comes with a set of actions that allow you to dive deep into the database system and understand how the engine works. This helps to troubleshoot the potential database issues by providing detailed insights into the database engine.

Procedural Languages

Tessell for PostgreSQL also supports several procedural languages. These languages allow developers to write stored procedures and functions in their preferred language, making it easier to integrate with existing codebases and applications.

Foreign Data Wrappers

Tessell for PostgreSQL also supports Foreign Data Wrappers, which allow users to access data from external sources as if it were local PostgreSQL tables. This can be very useful for integrating with other data sources and systems, and can simplify the process of working with heterogeneous data.

Data Management

Tessell for PostgreSQL provides additional extensions for data management. These extensions enable users to manage large datasets more efficiently, allowing for better organization and analysis of the data. Use these extensions to optimize storage, improve data processing.


Tessell for PostgreSQL provides the following extensions, which can help generate embeddings for use in generative AI applications.


Tessell for PostgreSQL provides the below developer and administrator sets of extensions.

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